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Zeeshan Khan is an Indian Environmentalist & CEO of Beyond Smart group, a multi-venture that primarily aims at sustainable development & plastic recycling (Plastic Donation Center). A resident of Bhopal he left MBA course on realising ill effects of surrounding plastic plague. His optimistic vision started with state's first waste plastic crushing center in Indore where he successfully recycled more than 20,000 kilograms of waste plastic between 2018-19. He has developed low-cost sanitation sensors for public toilets. Since 2016 his journey has progressed to affiliation with state government, Government of India, & United Nations. His accolades include Gem of Madhya Pradesh award-2018 by Shivraj Singh Chouhan, ex-CM of MP state for Environmental Protection, World Environment Day Hero-2019 by UNEP, India leadership award by UN environment ambassador Dia Mirza, Business Leaders Award-2019 for environment protection & Paryavaran Mirta Samman 2019 for Environment Protection by Digvijay Singh ex-CM MP

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Plastic Donation Centre a great initiative introduced by a young environmentalist which will not only help us in recycling the plastic but will also work for employment and revenue generation by which the deprived section of the society will be benefited. Plastic Donation Centers will be established across the nation where people can donate their waste plastics which will further be sold to the recycling centres. The revenue generated will be used for the welfare of the society. One of the great initiatives in the past few years as it will be the first program of its kind around the world.

Our earth which scientifically is the only planet having life, is suffering from environmental crisis and many countries around the world are working against this chaos and plastics are one of the main reason for this hazard as it causes land, water and air pollution. It can take hundreds or even thousands of years for plastic to break down, so the damage to the environment is long-lasting. The PDC mission is to beat the plastic pollution and convince people to give up using plastic which will result in recycling and zero wastage.

Plastic Donation Center is not just an effort towards spreading social awareness but this program is also delivering its contribution to the welfare of the society with greener and better world to live in. The founder of Plastic Donation Center Zeeshan Khan got this idea when he read an article that said the main reason for the devastating floods in Mumbai which took a lot of lives and lead to the downfall of the city for many days was plastic pollution. The flooding was caused by plastic clogging that choked the drainage system.

He saw people sharing this on social media and the government was focusing to get rid of this and also the citizens really wanted to solve this problem. While Seeing the enthusiasm amongst the citizens he came up with this idea of keeping people motivated with some beneficiary offers so this young environmentalist turns up with this unique proposal of plastic recycling by donating plastic as a charity.

He has introduced Madhya Pradesh’s first plastic crushing machine in Indore which played an important role in making Indore the cleanest city at Clean India Survey under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Zeeshan has also worked with United Nations.

He has been awarded with Madhya Pradesh Ratna Award from Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan (former CM of Madhya Pradesh) for Environmental Protection in 2018 and some other awards like ‘World Environment Hero’ in 2019 by UN Environment, India Leadership Award 2019 for Environmental Protection and ‘Outstanding Contribution in Environmental Protection’ at Business Leaders Awards 2019 are in his credits. Currently he is also working on some unique and innovative technology products for Smart Cities in India. Zeeshan also got a chance to share his ideas at 3R Forum 2018 which held at Indore and Partnership Summit 2019 which held at Mumbai. 

Zeeshan anticipated to start Plastic Donation Center from five spots in Bhopal which are, Boat Club, New market, Moti Masjid and two marriage gardens near Halalpur Bus Stand. As these are the best spots which will lead to the full advantage of this program as they have intact populations and industrial engagement.

Since Bhopal is having a population of about 2 million, which generates about 900 tons of municipal solid waste per day. According to MP Pollution Control Board this city generates about 61000 tons of plastic wastes per annum which is around 167 tons per day out of which only 20% of the waste is collected and recycled. 

Bhopal is selected for the first phase of PDC program which will further move to Indore and then cover MP with the future expansion of all over the India by 2022.

PDC program has collaborated with Roti Bank Bhopal which is working as a feeding institution for the needy. Under the collaboration Roti Bank is requesting the needy to bring the plastic along with them and exchange it for a meal, though the main focus is not only feeding, the unique point of this program is to give efficient jobs to the beggars and encourage the ragpickers to make better earnings for themselves which will also spread awareness. 

The program not only ends to this, the additional programs includes the maintenance of the plants which are already planted and also conduct plantation drives.

MP Ratna - Zeeshan Khan
MP Ratna - Zeeshan Khan